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Server Stats
  • Server Season S6 Ep18
  • Points Per Level 7
  • Max Stats 32767
  • Server Exp 400x
  • Server Drop 40%
  • Total Accounts 360
  • Total Characters 553
  • Total Guilds 13
  • Game Masters 6
  • Players Online 73
  • Online Record 78
  • Active In 24Hours 17
Top Characters
Name ML Lvl RR GR
1   MOSHULL 400 400 80 105
2   ShotEnUp 400 400 80 95
3   Abel 400 334 22 85
4   CrAnK 400 368 71 70
5   BlackSpell 400 400 80 66
Top Guilds
Name Logo Score Master
1 AdminS 0 Admin
3 AquaTIco 0 BeWater
4 EverDark 0 DarkKen
5 HHunterS 0 DeviLBM
Market Latest
Cloak of Judgment
Exc. Book of Bloodangel
Exc. Bloodangel Sword
Exc. Holyangel Shield
Exc. Holyangel Shield
Forum Latest
South97Varsta: 34discord:South97#0435Experienta GM
Apr 11 21:41
REPLY From South97
GigelFrone35 primăveri akaret#7291experienta
Apr 11 21:23
REPLY From GigelFrone
Class Combo
Apr 18 00:13
TOPIC By SmecheruSM
Boss Drops
Mar 17 22:14
TOPIC By SmecheruSM
Discord GiveAway
Mar 14 11:53
TOPIC By SmecheruSM

Event Timer
Blood Castle
Start In 22m 52s
Chaos Castle
Start In 02h 22m 52s
Devil Square
Start In 01h 22m 52s
Illusion Temple
Start In 03h 22m 52s
Crywolf Event
Start In 5d 19h 52m 52s
Arka War
Start In 6d 22h 22m 52s
Golden Invasion
Start In 47m 52s
Summer Event
Start In 02h 47m 52s
White Wizzard
Start In 01h 12m 52s
Red Dragon
Start In 37m 52s
Skeleton King
Start In 27m 52s
New Year
Start In 02h 27m 52s
Chicken Event
Start In 14h 22m 52s
Start In 12h 22m 52s
Evomon Event
Start In 11h 22m 52s
Merchant Zyero Invasion
Start In 01h 47m 52s
Protector of Acheron
Start In 18h 52m 52s
Summon Demons
Start In 01h 47m 52s
Start In 03h 22m 52s
Lord Silvester
Start In 3d 09h 52m 52s
Core Magrify
Start In 4d 09h 52m 52s
Lord Of Ferea
Start In 09h 52m 52s
Start In 6d 09h 52m 52s
God Of Darkness
Start In 5d 09h 52m 52s
Anubis and Pharaon Invasion
Start In 2d 09h 22m 52s

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